Liberty Lake Fallen Heroes Circuit Course

Third Station Announced! Vercruysse, Gregory, HN - US NAVY - Liberty Lake Town Square, WA, USA

I shall not walk in your footsteps, but I will walk by your side. I shall not walk in your image, I've earned my own title of pride. We've answered the call together, on sea and foreign land. When the cry for help was given, I've been there right at hand. Whether I am on the ocean or in the jungle wearing greens, Giving aid to my fellow man, be it Sailors or Marines. So the next time you see a corpsman and you think of calling him "squid", Think of the job he's doing as those before him did. And if you ever have to go out there and your life is on the block, Look at the one right next to you… I'm the one called "Doc".

Dedication ceremony 4:00 PM 11-11-14

City Approves Entire FHCC Project!

Due to the enormous success of the first two stations of the Fallen Heroes Circuit Course stations at Rocky Hill and Pavillion Park, The City of Liberty Lake has decided to move forward with the entire project. The City is funding the equipment purchase, installation and maintenance side of the project.

However, it was our generous sponsors from the first two phases that made the Memorial Plaques to our Fallen Heroes Marine Cpl Joshua Dumaw of Spokane Valley and U.S. Air Force Captain Victoria Pinckney a reality. Phase three will be located next to the new Liberty Lake Town Square and will consist of eight pieces of fitness equipment that will be installed in time for a dedication ceremony on Veterans Day November 11, 2014.

Special thanks to all of the sponsors who helped us reach our goal to fund the memorial plaque for station three! We are still collecting funds for the remaining two stations slotted for installation in 2015. Thank you!

We need sponsors to fund the next Memorial Plaque for phase three!

It will be dedicated to Navy Combat Corpsman HN Gregory P. Vercruysse of the US Navy He was killed by enemy fire while attempting to administer first aid to a wounded Marine on June 7th. 1967 during the infamous and treacherous hill battles surrounding Khe Sanh in the Quang Tri Province of Vietnam.

Help us keep Vercruysse’s memory alive! His story should be told and remembered by young, aspiring children and adults alike. You can help make this happen

A donation of just $250 will get your company logo permanently displayed on the station sign.

Or send a check to PO Box 247, Liberty Lake, WA 99019.

The sign will be submitted for production by 9-1-2014. All donors who want their logo on the sign must have donations submitted by then.

The Fallen Heroes Circuit Committee

Fallen Heroes Circuit Course Vision Statement:

"To promote health and fitness for the community by providing a circuit course accessible to various neighborhoods and designed for all fitness levels while honoring Fallen Heroes and educating the patrons of the sacrifices local service members have made in the line of duty."

Excerpt from: The Liberty Lake Splash
Valiant Veteran
1/23/2013 9:43:34 AM
By Craig Howard

Bob Wiese served in the U.S. Marine Corps during a time of peace - now he wants to make sure that those soldiers who saw combat and made the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of their country are not forgotten.

Wiese is the driving force behind a project called the "Fallen Heroes Circuit Course," an outdoor exercise feature that would be installed at various city-owned properties in Liberty Lake, including Rocky Hill Park and Pavillion Park. The course will eventually occupy space at a quintet of venues, span a five-mile loop and honor each respective branch of the military - Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines and Navy.

"There's nothing I cherish more than the freedoms we have in this country," said Wiese, a resident of Liberty Lake since 2005. "I think it's important to learn the history of what it took to get us those freedoms and the sacrifices other people made. Part of the idea behind the Fallen Heroes Circuit Course is to educate people about those sacrifices. It helps you respect life and respect others. Life's not all about yourself."

Along with those who have died in the line of duty, Wiese also wants to raise awareness for veterans dealing with the effects of battle, from post-traumatic stress disorder to depression. He talks regularly with fellow soldiers who have served numerous tours of duty in the Middle East.

"There are some tough stories out there," Wiese said. "These veterans need our support."

Wiese said the goal of the Fallen Heroes Circuit Course is to supplement "an already amazing parks system in Liberty Lake." He appeared before the City Council last year to pitch the project, which eventually earned a place on the list of prioritized capital projects for 2013. A total of $35,000 in municipal funds are set aside for the first installment of the course in Rocky Hill Park. Wiese and his committee - comprised entirely of Liberty Lake residents - will be charged with generating the remaining $4,432. Wiese expressed hope that a competitive bid process could leave money remaining to start the second project in Pavillion Park.

"We have such a great community here; the idea immediately brought a lot of support," Wiese said. "The City Council had a lot of positive things to say about it. No one saw it as something that was frivolous."

Wiese is quick to point out that the project is "a true community project developed by community members." The committee has had conversations with local groups like the Liberty Lake Kiwanis and Rotary and Friends of Pavillion Park. Now that funding has been secured, groups like the Veterans Outreach Center and VA Hospital will also be consulted.

"This was a complete team effort with highly enthusiastic and professional individuals who volunteered many hours of service in research for the committee," Wiese said.

More critical than the exercise element, Wiese said the course will stand as a unique tribute to soldiers who have served and died to preserve the freedoms many citizens take for granted. The plan is to honor a different fallen hero at each site every year with a ceremony taking place on Memorial Day.

"We really want it to be something that is special," Wiese said. "There are some unbelievably amazing sacrifices that people have made in the line of duty for this country that a lot of people aren't aware of. We want people to see these names and know these stories. We have an incredibly patriotic community, but you can see how complacency would make you forget. It's our duty to remind people."

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Your contribution will help to commemorate our local heroes and their families who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country and our freedoms. Your donation will also help build a lasting addition to our city that will contribute to the overall fitness and well-being of our community for generations to come.